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Kristin Gabriel - Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Kristin Gabriel
Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

We call Kristin the communicator. That’s why she was an early adopter of social media marketing. Her visionary ideas have put people, companies and products on the map for years. It was Kristin who brainstormed a media campaign for artist Mike McNeilly that became an industry itself – Tall Wall Media, the giant billboards you see up and down Sunset Boulevard on the sides of buildings.

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Mike Keesling - Producer and SEO Executive

Mike Keesling
Producer and SEO Executive

Mike is nick-named Toolroom, which is really helpful with our clients, especially when it comes to online branding and business strategies. He is rarely seen without a Pepsi within reach, and he has been doing top quality search engine optimization since 1996.

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June Miller Richards
Strategic Marketing and Partnerships

June Miller Richards is known as 6 Degrees of June. She specializes in creating connections and programs that build brands and drive visibility and revenue. Her focus is on strategic marketing and partnership development. June has a vast, eclectic and extensive network of connections, and she has created many successful cross-platform marketing initiatives with industries including publishing,…

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Jeff McQuilkin
Feature Writer

Jeff McQuilkin has a way with words. To the onlooker watching him walk along the street, it might look like he’s talking to himself, when actually he’s just trying out words, looking for the best way to phrase something. Whether it’s a journalistic piece, blogging, copywriting, or optimizing SEO content, he’s the guy for the job.

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David Coursey - Technology Strategist and Writer

David Coursey
Technology Strategist and Writer

David Coursey is a brand name in hi-tech. A 25-year technology veteran, he is best known for commenting about technology companies as a journalist working for leading publications and sites. As a consultant, he has worked for industry giants Intuit, Microsoft, Intel, HP, and Trend Micro, as well as startups like yap.TV, and others.

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Tracy Bagatelle-Black, Public Relations Director

Tracy Bagatelle-Black
Public Relations Executive

Tracy has an infectious laugh. She has always been known to add “sizzle” to her work as a strategic public relations pro. Her experience runs the gamut from high tech and bio-tech to automotive to entertainment and more.

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Harry Magnan - Product Management and Technical Writing

Harry Magnan
Product Management and Technical Writing

Harry throws darts, and he’s really good at it. Not only is he good at the sport, but at getting to the point of what consumers and computer users really need, and how to best deliver on that need.

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Brad Stone - Creative Director

Brad Stone
Creative Director

Those of us who have known Brad for the past twenty years know that his creative mind never stops working. With many years of award-winning experience, Brad not only has a keen eye for design, but he also is intuitive enough to know how to reach target audiences.

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Liya Swift, Director of Social Media

Liya Swift
Social Media Marketing Director

Liya calls herself a creative and conceptual pragmatist who loves seeing an idea through from conception to implementation and beyond. She professes to be more than just a “creative type.” We all agree. Liya is a master at details. In other words, she can help find what’s great about what clients have to offer and help them put systems in place to create value in a cost-effective way. This is a key for strategizing and implementing social media. She helps locate what is essential and unique about a project or a company, creates a roadmap, then gets to the final goal.

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Steven Lahuerta
Strategic Marketing Associate

Steven operates in stealth mode. He delivers before he’s asked, so he’s our secret weapon.  And because he is French — and a Millennial — he brings a unique and valuable marketing viewpoint to our team. His experience is truly global, and he “gets” the importance of being visible online in the business world today. At MarCom Steven specializes in…

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