Survey Reveals Six Trends for Marketers in 2016

Survey Reveals Six Trends for Marketers in 2016

“More than 80 percent of marketing executives believe they need to restructure marketing to better support business—29% think the need is urgent.”

MarCom New Media specializes in Internet search marketing. Our proprietary strategies continue to provide clients with success stories, year after year. Around this time of year, we usually begin the journey of researching and compiling the best data for marketers. Here is the first in our series focused on integrated marketing 2016.

In the Marketo survey of 478 high-level marketing executives worldwide, more than 80 percent said they need to restructure marketing to better support their business, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit. Of these, 29 percent say this need for change in the following six areas is urgent.

1. In the future, marketing will be seen more as a source of revenue and less as a cost.

2. Marketing will forge customer experiences, which are increasingly viewed as a key competitive advantage in almost every industry.
• 75 percent of marketers surveyed believe they will handle the entire end-to-end lifetime customer experience over the next three to five years.

3. Customer engagement is essential for marketers, and it is often defined in terms of sales and repeat visits and sales.
• 63 percent of those surveyed said that engagement is manifested in customer retention and purchase repeats or renewals:
• 78 percent see it as occurring from the mid to later stages of the sales funnel.
• 22 percent view engagement as a love for a brand – meaning that legacy brand building is still part of the marketing mix.

4. New marketers combine the big picture, data, and operational skills, and believe they should probably work within a different organizational structure.
• 39 percent want new blood in digital engagement, technology, and marketing operations.
• 38 percent want skills in strategy and planning.

5. Technology investments need to be digital and data dominant. Three of the four most widely cited investments are targeted at reaching customers through various channels and social networks include:
• Mobile devices
• Via e-mail,
• Using analytics to tie the data from multiple channels together and into an actionable picture of the customer.

6. More than half of those marketers polled predict these two areas as the key marketing trends:
• By the year 2020, real-time personalized “Internet of Things” and mobile—embedded devices with unique IP addresses that convey real-time data—will revolutionize marketing.
• Almost the same number of marketers believe that the trend of real-time personalized mobile communications will have the most impact.

MarCom New Media manages integrated marketing strategies including Internet Search Marketing and Conversion Optimization, which used to be known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This includes website design and navigation, authoritative link building, Public Relations, branding, social media marketing strategies, and finally, conversion optimization, the practice of getting more leads from existing levels of traffic on a company’s website.

What’s more, one of our latest strategies includes conversion optimization. In the online world there are two ways to grow leads for sales. 1) Getting more targeted visitors to your website (SEO, PPC, PR, email, newsletter, etc.) and 2) Converting more of your current visitors (existing traffic). Conversion optimization of existing traffic can increase leads by 20% to 100% in most cases.

For more information or a consultation about how MarCom can assist you in getting more leads, and added revenue in your business, please email

Source: The Rise of the Marketer: Driving engagement, experience, and revenue is an Economist Intelligence
Unit report, sponsored by Marketo.

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