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“Our job is not just to produce brilliant ads, but also to create advertising that sells within the character and context of the brand. We offer a creative approach that sizes up the whole brand, and enables us to become actual marketing partners with our clients.” – Brad Stone, Creative Director

What is the secret formula for a successful marketing, advertising or communications campaign? It’s creativity that gets to it. Emotions. Appeal. That’s what drives the difference for success. Today, a commercial message is often thought of as an intrusion. There has to be a compelling reason to look at it, read it, listen to it, watch it, like it, interact with it, and ultimately buy it.



Neutrogena Brochures


Challenge: Sales dropped for Neutrogena Melanex, a prescription product for treatment of hyper-pigmentation.

Solution: Developed a direct mail campaign to dermatologists focusing on a unique product feature (liquid formula), resulting in a major patient benefit (precision application).

Result: Five-fold increase in sales of Neutrogena Melanex product after just three mailings.

TAG Heur Watch Ad -2014 copy

TAG Heur Watch Ad

Movie: Pearl Harbor
Movie: Pearl Harbor


MarCom New Media designs effective websites, and creates brochures and sales one-sheets, direct mail pieces, online and print ads. Our website designer is Mike Dinnerstein who designed our own website.  Our website programmer is Howard Hasselkorn, and together their work is exceptional and reasonable. Here are some samples of work: Dorina Schiro  Purpose Driven Lawyers  Herbalix Restoratives  Hydroponics Group  Recording Connection Blog




MarCom develops a strategic brief for every client’s advertising needs. Below are some of the case histories for successful branding and ad campaigns: Glacier Bay Vodka


The Ducks Logo






Client: SoftKrypt

Challenge: Provide the ‘face and personality’ for SoftKrypt™ and its products and technologies, enabling them to articulate who they are, and why their security solutions are better and differ from the competition; launch the creative process for branding the company and its solutions, and determine the marketing strategy EasyKrypt™, a small business encryption software product; CodeBlackening™ technology to eliminate piracy; and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to rectify transaction fraud.EasyKrypt

Solution:  MarCom develop strategies with an eye towards corporate branding and differentiation. This included:

Result: MarCom successfully completed the 6 month project. The company went back into R&D, and had offers from companies to purchase EasyKrypt based on our business plan.

Client: NEXTEL

NEXTEL Billboard

NEXTEL Billboard


Challenge: Nextel sales flat, low mail/call-to-appointment ratio in a market over-saturated with cellular offers.

Solution: Repositioned Nextel as the power tool for business. Developed target, segment-specific ads for verified market magazines; integrated direct mail and customized into existing telemarketing effort.

Result: Call to appointment ratio increased from 5,000 units per month to 15,000.

Glacier Bay Vodka

Glacier Bay Vodka


Glacier Bay Vodka

Glacier Bay Vodka

Challenge: Launch of new vodka, in a competitive category, at a poor time of year (winter in Boston). Exacerbated by late product roll out.

Solution: Developed complete brand creative – from labels to four- pack design, on and off premise point of purchase (POP) and point of sales (POS), business and consumer advertising campaign, and trade show booth. Additionally we named and designed the Glacier Bay Night trademark.

Result: Projections were twenty states. Ten months later, they were in fifty states. As of this write up, it is the fastest-growing vodka drink domestically.

Client: ESALON

Challenge: A new business-to-business company devoted to the salon world of product, finance for salon owners, industry insiders, and suppliers.

Solution: Developed trade show/advertising launch booth, design advertising and collateral concepts, along with the complete development and design for Esalon sponsorship program.

Result: Successful launch, Best in Show at Chicago and New York shows. 25,000 signed.


Challenge: To attempt to capture 5 percent of the Mexican Beer market domestically with a focus on the West Coast Regional Microbrew Beer.

Solution: Directed client to name the beer after a Cantina in Mexico with a history and loyal consumer audience, “21-90”.  Hussong’s Cantina had a lot of equity. A new logo label and packaging were designed, as well as sales collateral, consumer ad campaign, T.V., and outdoor support.004 Hussongs Brand IDnPkg

Result: Within six months beer was sold into 120 grocery and “mom & pop” liquor locations. Results were 8000 cases sold monthly within the first year on the market.

Meet Me at Hussong's

Client: ABEX

Abex Display.

Abex Display.

Challenge: Confusion with the existing display line. Abex was producing displays that were so similar in shape & color, making it hard to differentiate one display from another. This affected the sales and distributor team and frustrated interested consumers, as they were evaluating models and making a purchase decision.

Solution: Created a naming and identity system to clearly identify each category and display exhibit.

Result: Increased sales due to a much clearer presentation across all lines of communication.


Challenge: Start-up company in an already saturated hair-care market needed to create excitement and generate sales for “one-of-a- kind” new product.

Solution: Developed two completely separate identities for salon and retail channels supported with packaging, trade show booth design, advertising, trade promotion and point-of-sale materials.

Result: Over one million units sold in the first twelve months. The most successful new beauty product of 1998.

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