Client References

MarCom New Media has worked with a number of companies through the years, and has a roster of excellent client testimonials and referrals.  Here are just a few…

Cindy Farrow-Warren, Owner, KOREBALL

“We have worked with the team at MarCom for over a year. We were a brand new company when we started. This is what we appreciate most about the work: Their desire to see us succeed, their patience with our lack of knowledge and their experience in the field. Thanks to MarCom we have been published in some major fitness magazines!”

Elizabeth Fessler, CEO, Herbalix Restoratives

“When we first started with MarCom in 2008 they provided basic SEO services. Since then, we have added marketing, PR and social media, video production and the development of a new website along with new product strategies. MarCom is a dynamic company with excellent personnel skills, giving modern ideas, concepts and advice. They provide superior customer service on a timely basis and respond to urgent needs upon request. They are flexible in their scheduling and always available to discuss trending, opportunities and approaches. We love them.”

Ingrid Carvalho, Founder of Hawaii Vacation Rentals, Inc.

“Mike’s been doing my SEO work since 1996. Today my business is 100% online, with no PPC. My websites consistently rank on Google’s first page for Oahu vacation rentals, Hawaii vacation rentals, Hawaii bed & breakfasts, and many more targeted search terms.  What I like best is that Mike spent the time to understand my business before making suggestions and improvements. He’s not only been by SEO guy, he’s one of the few people in business I trust.

Mark Laing, Former Vice President of Sales, CyberDefender Corporation

“It has been my pleasure to work with Kristin and her great team at MarCom over the years and most recently at CyberDefender where I was consulting as Vice President, Sales. Kristin is one of those rare creatures in our business – superbly competent and also a superb human being. She follows up instantly, returns calls instantly and is an absolute PR Whiz.”

Scott Gordon, Former VP Business Development, CyberDefender Corporation

“Through various projects on which I’ve worked with Kristin Gabriel, she has consistently proven herself to be an energetic and creative resource. With her extensive PR connections in the technology field, and her unique ability to boil down complex concepts for mass consumption, she is a valuable asset to any team.”

Kristin Keyes, director of Product Marketing, ExpenseWatch

“Kristin is an innovative marketing and communications professional. We worked together both at MetaCreations and as business colleagues in a joint PR and Marketing venture. Kristin has a great ability to develop, design and execute strategic communications and marketing plans that significantly magnify and build upon high-level company goals. She is also adept at fine details to ensure the timely and successful completion of projects.”

Cammie Kristy, Vice president of Sales, iolo technologies, LLC

“Kristin. During ShowStoppers, you were professional, personable, and likeable to all the editors. You are a team player and work very hard to make sure iolo’s products are presented in the right light. Thanks for your hard work.”

Noah Rowles, Chief Executive Officer, iolo technologies, LLC

“I just want to say it’s been a pleasure working with you – you are definitely a class-act, and we’ve all learned a lot during the time you’ve been with us. Thanks for always bringing professionalism and diligence to the team.”

Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of TechTransform, Inc.

“I was with another company when Kristin was at Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. Kristin has done a fantastic job of “making it real” at Applied DNA. This has clearly helped the company maintain credibility in the financial markets. Keep up the great work!”

 Ann Gray, Publisher, LA Architect Magazine

“As I am sure you will all agree, this has been an amazing weekend and event. And none of it would have taken place without MarCom Associates… Thank you, MarCom, for the exceptional work in promoting our Downtown LA Design Walk on May 18th. What began as a simple open house was made much more feasible (and more fun) because of your work in reaching out to the business and media communities. We especially appreciated the massive media blitz you did immediately prior to the event, which resulted in outstanding coverage both before and after. It was a pleasure working with you.”

 Tonia Craig, Producer, American Veteran Awards Show

“I am writing with regards to MarCom Associates. Two words, “Do it!” MarCom has been associated with the American Veteran Awards for seven years and have been key players in helping to take our awards show to the next level. Our show this year was held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. All I can say is that there was more press there than at the academy awards. MarCom handled all facets of PR and did a great job. They are now promoting our airdate on The History Channel and their ability to get the word out is staggering. Their understanding of the current trends and markets give them a significant advantage in presenting releases to all media types. They have many contacts in various mediums and are able to expose their clients to untapped resources that they may not have been exposed to before. I hope that this gives you a snippet into the world of MarCom. The company treats their clients with the utmost respect and integrity. Their work ethic is top notch. You will not be disappointed.”

 Keith Goodman, V. P. Sales and Marketing, Modern Postcard

“I have spent 20 years in high technology sales and marketing. I have spent almost ten of them working with Kristin in one facet of marketing or another. It is great working with someone who really has an understanding of the industry and the use of public relations to maximize presence and revenues. The organization that Kristin has put together is as professional as they come. I would recommend them to anybody.”

Marynel Arbaugh, and My Life software

“There was no question about MarCom’s capabilities and her enthusiasm was unparalleled. We forged ahead with little time to accomplish so much. The team proceeded to immerse themselves into In a matter of days, they had produced several creative strategies for the LIFE campaign and event as well as the corporate communications strategic plan for overall branding and key message development. The results were impressive on all counts. Their determination, dedication, creativity and wealth of experience are qualities that have proved to be of tremendous value to There are few teams that I could so highly recommend!”

Ronald S. Posner, Chairman, NetCatalyst, LLC

“I have brought Kristin Gabriel several corporate and marketing communications projects and clients to their firm, including Language, Inc. and MarCom worked closely with these emerging e-commerce companies’ executive management teams to advise their Boards and develop corporate communications strategy and tactics plans, press materials and establish ground-up presence with the media.  Kristin also handled my personal publicity surrounding Board affiliations with public companies including, Asymetrix Learning Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Internet-based learning solutions and SmallWorld.

I began actively working with Kristin when she was the corporate communications director for CyberMedia, Inc. in 1998 when I was on the executive committee of the Board of Directors. Kristin spearheaded corporate communications during a time when the company was in crisis mode. She managing the internal and external PR and IR teams and provided a strategic internal and external analysis and a Fast Track IR PR plan which were effective in communicating to the media and shareholders and helped support the valuation for the company’s eventual acquisition by Network Associates.”

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