SEO Successes

“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads to higher rankings in the search engines.  SEO, or organic, visitors to your site are two to three times more likely to purchase something than PPC generated visitors.  What makes a SEO campaign successful is tailoring it to the client’s strengths and assets and realizing it’s a long term strategy, not an instant gratification one.” – Mike Keesling

Search Engine Optimization Successes

Traditional marketing, advertising and public relations can be very costly, as is Pay per Click online advertising. MarCom New Media offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that will help provide rankings in the search engines so your company name and key words associated with your products and services will come up within the first page of the search engines like Google, or Yahoo. We’ll customize a program that works within your budget. In some cases, it may take longer on a more limited budget, but we always provide measurable results. Year after year we get results for our clients including improved keyword rankings, customer leads, and conversions to sales. Following are just a few of our case histories.

Client: Recording, Radio and Film Connection (RRF) Los Angeles, CA

Challenge: Manage the company’s search engine optimization and lead generation marketing tactics in a highly competitive online category – private trade schools.

Solution: Marketing strategies include: SEO; website design; content generation; mobile market penetration; local market penetration; expansion into Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom; creation of a charity arm for the company; creation of an entertainment news division for the company; and more. RRF’s main websites are located at and

Results: These results define the roles a client and an online marketing firm should take. The results speak volumes for this working relationship. SEO guru Mike Keesling has led this company”s online marketing efforts for more than ten years. Revenues have doubled annually since 2010. Growth like this is no accident, but rather the result of always working strategically on a three year out marketing plan. Fundamental to this success was the commitment to a marketing budget that was approximately 10% of revenues. Also, of great importance is how this company understands the importance of smart marketing. They have a good handle on their audience and are willing to re-invest a portion of the increasing revenues back into the marketing plan.

Client: The Plan Collection Stamford, CT

Challenge: Long-time leaders from the online house plan publishing industry, The Plan Collection became a MarCom client in 2013, seeking improved search rankings.

Solution: A basic, yet strategic SEO plan has continually improved search results for TPC, and the company has substantially increased revenues. After less than a year of work specifically building rankings, MarCom began assisting with increased blogging and a marketing newsletter. They now have four editorial blogs and publish several articles biweekly, which goes a long way to helping their rankings online and sales. We write and distribute a bi-monthly Plan Collection Newsletter.

Results: Year after year, sales have increased, and the company’s newsletter subscription base is close to 10,000 – up from 7,000 initially. Search rankings continue to improve, and business is good as MarCom continues to provide continual guidance to navigate digital search marketing trends. Though PR is not our focus, MarCom also scored several excellent PR stories for TPC including The Wall Street Journal article, and others.

Client: SoftKrypt Prescott, AZ

Challenge: Provide the ‘face and personality’ for SoftKrypt™ and its products and technologies, enabling them to articulate who they are, and why their security solutions are better and differ from the competition; launch the creative process for branding the company and its solutions, and determine the marketing strategy EasyKrypt™, a small business encryption software product; CodeBlackening™ technology to eliminate piracy; and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to rectify transaction fraud.

Solution: Over a six month period of time, MarCom develop strategies with an eye towards corporate branding andEasyKrypt differentiation. This included:

  • Refined key messages for solutions and services with focus to launch encryption solutions.
  • Developed marketing campaigns with focus to target SMB vertical markets.
  • Hired and managed creative director for all creative branding efforts.
  • Completed writing, designing and building website for
  • Produced numerous product feature Camtasia videos, plus two corporate SoftKrypt videos for YouTube and syndication on the Web. Video on blackening. Blackening Investor video.
  • Developed social media marketing frontline to start conversations and generate leads.
  • Drafted business plan for raising B round of funding.

SoftKrypt has pioneered concepts and core “blackening” data protection technology that the company hopes will become an industry standard for the future. The MarCom team has put together the strategy, and is currently wrapping up work on videos, and VC presentations. Results: The project ended, and SoftKrypt had several offers for its software EasyKrypt thanks to the product branding and business plan we put together. The company has since gone back into R&D on its technologies.

Client: Herbalix Restoratives Port Ludlow, WA

Challenge: A small organic skin care manufacturer in a mature and aggressive industry of skin products, Herbalix retained MarCom in 2009 after wasting a year and many dollars on an unsuccessful marketing consultant with no experience in search engine optimization. Their main goal was to market their detox deodorant in a market where the goliaths manufacture toxic aluminum based antiperspirants, something many believe to be toxic to the human body.

Solution: MarCom’s strategy was to maintain traditional sales in retail, while beginning to build their brand online, and to educate people about the toxic effects of most traditional deodorants in the marketplace. We developed key messaging, wrote and produced their new website, and began a keyword search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for more than 10 keyword phrases to cover their entire product line. At the same time we managed traditional marketing and public relations for their line of more than 30 organic skin and hair care products.

Results: Almost three years later, MarCom has been highly successful in increasing revenues for Herbalix by nearly double. As the client said, “Our phones barely rung before we hired MarCom New Media. Now we even get calls on the weekends.”

Client: The Interface Financial Group Bethesda, MD

Challenge: The Interface Financial Group ( is North America’s largest alternative funding source for small business, providing short-term financial resources, including invoice factoring (invoice discounting). This industry is highly competitive. MarCom has been handling their SEO and social media marketing efforts for a number of years. Solution: MarCom New Media  implemented an aggressive SEO campaign on numerous keyword phrases

Result: About a year after we started working with IFG, in 2007, search engine rankings improved: Accounts Receivable Factoring from 32 to 3 Factoring from 18 to 5 (and first among financial factoring websites) Invoice Factoring from 10 to 2 Factoring Companies from 31 to 5 SEO has accounted forasmuch as  50 percent of all leads received by The Interface Financial Group in what is an extremely highly competitive market. With many of these terms costing up to $80 plus per click (as Google PPC ads)  it is critical to IFG’s bottom line that SEO efforts are successful. Our contract continues with careful attention to building content on their new “responsive” website and online interactivity for enhanced lead generation.

Client: CyberDefender Corporation Los Angeles, CA

Challenge: MarCom was retained to re-brand Los Angeles-based software developer providing early warning and defense against Internet attacks. We were also faced with assisting the company’s CEO with reputation management because his prior company had negative listings on the Internet.

Solution: The marketing team strongly recommended re-branding the anti-virus company under a new corporate identity – CyberDefender. MarCom employed reputation management to deal with the negative listings. We then began branding their new corporate identity and product line, using basic public relations and Search Engine Optimization and link building. MarCom conducted a key word analysis, and began using the optimum key words in all press materials, and then began publishing CyberDefender Alerts for phishing, spyware and viruses along with the company’s ongoing traditional press releases on electronic wire services. We also began and wrote a CyberDefender blog and distributing articles to the article submission feeds for increased visibility. Once the company’s phase two website was complete in early 2007, marketing and PR was brought in-house, and the company went public.

Result: The negative listings were pushed back off of Google’s first page within six months. Within three months there were increased product sales and revenues and after six months the company’s ranking by the search engines showed a significant increase in organic listings based on the key words, while increased product sales and revenues amplified after the press launch.

Client: Hawaii Observer Magazine Honolulu, HI

Challenge: The Hawaii Observer magazine had a loyal, but stagnant, paid circulation base. The biweekly tabloid format publication provided in-depth coverage of politics, business and culture in Hawaii. The goal was to increase paid circulation in a dramatic fashion.

Solution: A series of TV commercials was produced featuring local politicians speaking extemporaneously about The Hawaii Observer. Their comments were edited to feature opposing politicians within the same spot. These ads were then shown to the four local supermarket chains, who were offered a deal they couldn’t refuse (half the cover price for letting us place the magazine at the checkout stands), simultaneously bypassing the state’s monopoly magazine distributor, in exchange for mention of their location on the end tag of the spots. Ad space within the magazine was then bartered with the local network affiliate stations for placement within their news programs. Finally, the format of the magazine was switched from newsprint tabloid to glossy magazine with a mass appeal cover story (Cock Fighting, Marijuana, Korean Bars, and Hawaiian Music). The entire project took three months to conceive and execute with everything being unveiled simultaneously. The entire hard dollar cost for the project was $500 which covered the costs of the wire racks to hold the magazine at the checkout counters.

Result: The Hawaii Observer went from lowest paid circulation magazine in the state to the highest paid circulation magazine in the state in one issue. It maintained this ranking, outselling The National Enquirer and TV Guide for several years.

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