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MarCom New Media Taps MGID – Leading Native Performance Advertising Network

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 8, 2016–MarCom New Media, a Los Angeles-based integrated marketing and public relations firm, was awarded the contact in June to manage integrated marketing and public relations for Santa Monica-based MGID Inc., a leading native performance advertising network. MGID serves women’s interest, entertainment and lifestyle, and sports publishers with billions of quality content impressions monthly. MGID delivers maximum benefits to the three participants in the experience: publishers, advertisers and consumers.

MarCom New Media Partners with Firefly Media and 6 Degrees of June to Market Desk-Yogi

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 15, 2015–MarCom New Media, a Los Angeles-based integrated marketing firm, and strategic partners Firefly Media and 6 Degrees of June, have partnered to manage online integrated search and Internet marketing and public relations for Desk-Yogi, a wellness solution for individuals and companies that helps users better their beings in 15 minutes or […]

MarCom New Media and 6 Degrees of June to Launch Concierge Diamonds

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 9, 2015–MarCom New Media, a Los Angeles-based integrated marketing firm, and strategic partner 6 Degrees of June, specializing in marketing programs that build brands and drive visibility and revenue, announce a new contract with Concierge Diamonds, a premier Los Angeles purveyor of diamonds and custom fine jewelry.  The two companies will be managing […]

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2015 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

The truth is social media marketing (SMM) has been inching it way into the marketing mix for the last 18 years, if blogging, which started in 1997, is considered to be part of the mix. Originally MarCom New Media was reserved about the value of social media for businesses, then over the last few years we began to find value in using it for branding our clients. Recently we are seeing SMM pushing website visitors and some sales.

Successful Search Engine Optimization, Integrated Marketing and PR Strategies

MarCom New Media’s approach to search engine optimization (SEO) is and always has been to perform cutting edge white hat SEO, using tactics that are not the norm, or used by the cookie-cutter SEO firms. These types of strategies are based on guidance from our SEO guru Mike Keesling, who has more than 18 years of SEO experience. We have had several clients for more than five years each, and they love our work and of the new clients we have, they too are getting better results.

SEO Update 2014: Website Engagement is Worth Gold

SEO continues to evolve, and Google continues to update its algorithms. Consequently the SEO rules have changed dramatically. Old techniques – including extensive link building using articles with embedded keywords– are now being used with more discretion, while Google authority is what matters now. The emphasis is no longer on building large quantities of keyword-centric links, but quality links from multiple, good quality and higher ranking sources including websites, blogs, article sites, directories, social media sites, electronic press releases, videos, podcasts, and images. And spme of these are high ranking paid sites and blogs.

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