In today’s marketplace, the biggest challenge facing you is how to communicate your story over multiple interactive channels. These conversations are happening via news and social media sites online, in print newspapers, on television and in magazines. That’s why traditional marketing must be integrated with online strategies today.

But first here’s what we need to ask:

  • Is  your website is a “Responsive” site?
  • Is your site optimized properly?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Are you ranked for your top keywords?
  • Does your company’s name appear on the first pages of the search engine listings?
  • Are there negative posts on the Internet about you, your company or your brand?
  • Do you do blogs, newsletters or opt-in emails?
  • Are your website visits converting into sales?
  • Is your company and its products or services being mentioned in the media?

MarCom offers the latest cutting edge integrated marketing, design and PR services that will help provide online rankings in the search engines so your company name and the key words associated with your products and services will come up within the first page.  We have satisfied clients who stick with us year after year.


The websites we design, develop and manage perform well, with engaged customers and increased revenues.  MarCom offers a variety of ways to work with our design team, or we can guide your web development team for better results.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation for online marketing. It boosts your search engine presence and generates buzz about your website. The truth is – all Google wants is to provide the most accurate search results possible. And despite many people’s belief that all of this SEO talk is just voodoo, research proves that it is not. 93 percent of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Everything online today is heading towards authenticity. Many of these best SEO practices sound simple, but in reality they are not easy to do. They take SEO practitioners Like MarCom’s Mike Keesling who has spent the last 15 years of his career analyzing what the heck Google has changed this month, this week, or even today. MarCom has invested in expensive software and the best analytics tools to analyze what is going on. SEO works. Ask our clients.


Marcom has experience with traditional marketing such as direct mail, an excellent way to market products and services, and digital online marketing including: email marketing, newsletters, and social media strategies.


Our PR and corporate communications are led by industry veteran Kristin Gabriel, who has been highly successful and gets strategic PR results. MarCom can create a synergistic creative campaign for your trade publications, handle you PR, assist with a trade show, or produce a video for YouTube. MarCom New Media specializes in Go To Market solutions for clients looking to succeed. We will put experienced executives on the case who know how to develop immediate and stable revenue business. Here are  a few of our client’s PR success stories.


Social media marketing (SMM) is part of the marketing mix today, and it can help brand a company and boost awareness. The process is tailored to each client, and once we have developed the strategy, we can work several ways.  Execution of social media can be done by our MarCom team, which includes SMM expert Liya Swift. We can guide your company, or in some cases we recommend a combination of both.

Whether you are an emerging company on a fast track, or successfully established in your industry and need strategic guidance towards the future, MarCom is the solution. Check out all of our services.

Call us today at 323.650.2838 for a custom quote.

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