Advertising and Design

The world doesn’t need another advertising agency. What it needs is more great advertising that people notice. We can do that.  Our team provides clients with superior concepts for brand identity and advertising campaigns.

MarCom will define your brand  – the ‘face and personality’ for your company – focusing on who you are, why you are different from your competitors, and how you fill a market niche. Then we can build great creative campaigns that will bring results. It could be through a package design, a brochure, a display, your website or a viral ad campaign.

Traditional Advertising

Digital ad campaigns are efficient and economical, but with budget, traditional advertising such as direct marketing, print ads or radio and television broadcast will continue to brand companies for as long as these mediums exist. Our job is to determine what motivates people to purchase the things they do so we can develop objectives, brand positioning, and a solid strategy.

Ultimately, it is the carefully targeted, cutting edge creative strategies we develop that will communicate your brand, meet your consumers’ needs and achieve results. Let MarCom help.  Our team provides  clients with superior concepts for brand identity and advertising campaigns. Here’s some of our design work.

Our advertising and design services include:

Advertising Campaigns

From concept, design and copy to media placement, online or off, MarCom’s team members have been experts with successes in the arena of advertising for years.  Our Creative Director Brad Stone spent years branding products at companies like Disney, Warner Bros., ESPN, Guess, MGM, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Rampage, and countless other brands.


Whether you are need a new logo for corporate identity or a new product, sales collateral, or a new ad campaign, MarCom handles everything from strategic objectives to design to production, working with all functional marketing groups.

Collateral Materials

We produce catalogs, direct mail (concept, design, print production and fulfillment), promotional materials, annual reports, catalogs, display design, mailers, press and sales kits, signage and packaging.

Corporate Identity and Branding

Targeted brand positioning and product identity sells. This is done via logo development, business cards, letterhead, and other corporate ID collateral.

Design Services

We have the best graphic and web design teams available to assist you – from concept to design and fulfillment of everything from logos and collateral materials to online campaigns, ads, promotional materials, product packaging, web design and exhibit design.

Direct Mail

Concept, design, print and fulfillment. We will also assist with purchasing your lists.

Film/TV/Video/VNR Production

We product short videos for YouTube or Google video, and video news releases, satellite media tours, training videos, sales presentations, commercials, infomercials, and corporate news magazines.

Licensing Programs

We can help you expand through licensed product development and design.

Logo Development

Concept, design and production.

Media Planning and Buying

If you want to advertise, you will need our help with research, planning, negotiating media and tracking results of any ad campaign, whether online or offline, from print to Google ad words. We can negotiate and purchase media in trade and consumer magazines, newspapers, television, radio and on the Internet.

New Media Marketing

Integrated online marketing and advertising on web sites, tiles, banner ads, and video.

Online Advertising

Sold on impressions, online ads will increase your chances for visibility in targeted categories. It is the new way to track customer behavior and get ROI for your ad dollars. The Internet’s ability to act as an efficient channel for advertising has transformed it into a major marketing tool to brand companies and get customers.

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Using search engines, advertising networks, and content websites or blogs, we will develop sponsored links or ads that appear next to or above the natural organic results on search engine results pages, in a shaded color. You as an advertiser would pay only when a user clicks on your ad to visit your website.


MarCom has spent years doing successful creative campaigns for million dollar themes, promotional mailings or in-store events.


We will develop business and marketing communications plans and road maps, and strategic creative briefs, in addition to online SEO and advertising analysis and strategy.

Trade Show Booth Design

MarCom will not only design your trade show booth, we’ll also bid vendors and get the booth built.

Viral Email campaigns

From concept and design, to purchasing opt in lists, and disseminating via the Internet, our viral campaigns will grab people’s attention.

Website Design

Between our strategic approach, creative concepts, and companies like our partner, Rigney Graphics LINK, we have website design covered – from concept to execution. After all, if you like this website, just imagine what MarCom and its design team can for do for you.

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