Search Engine Optimization

You probably used a search engine like Google to find our website with a phrase like “Los Angeles SEO” and here you are. That’s the power of search engine optimization when done correctly. Our client’s SEO successes are proof that it works.

SEO is the practice that enables a website to rank high up on page one of the search engines for targeted keyword phrases. Back in the mid-90s when people first started playing around with SEO we only needed to do three things to a website and you were done. Then along came Google and SEO became a whole new ballgame. Onsite SEO was imperative, as was offsite SEO, where links to your site became very important. Quality and quantity of content became more important than ever. Up until then, if you were willing to work hard, do the research and had half a brain, you could get good results from do-it-yourself SEO.

What is Excellent SEO?

Excellent SEO is the craft that gets your websites to rank high in Bing, Yahoo! and Google. A good SEO practitioner like MarCom’s Mike Keesling – who has 20 years of experience doing SEO – is hard to come by. Not only is he up on all the very latest  strategies being used by Google, but he is also very intuitive, patient, and thorough. During the last decade social media caught on and has started influencing the search engine results.

This means that not only must you optimize your website, create lots of excellent content for your websites, as well as try to get quality links to your site, but now you’ve got to have videos on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In accounts, as well as a press room, article feeds, news feeds and, of course, a powerful blog.  If you think you can do that in-house, you are sorely mistaken. It’s a full time job just keeping up with the latest techniques and search engine optimization practices, let alone implementing, monitoring and measuring them.

When it comes to our craft, there are onsite SEO practices, and offsite SEO practices and all together these strategies will help optimize your website for top Google rankings.

So, if we’ve convinced you to outsource your SEO (along with social media) there’s one more thing for you to consider. Who do you outsource it to? The reality is that there’s a trust factor in play. Essentially, SEO services are sold on a bucks-up-front manner, and if the SEO consultant is honest, results won’t be seen for several months at least. MarCom gets great results, and that’s why we have long standing clients, good case histories and references. View Larger Map

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