Social Media Marketing

MarCom has been part of social media since its inception.  We know what strategies work to share ideas, perspectives, opinions, experiences and insights with your customers where they hang out online. The bonus: you get the benefits. There are countless online social networks for communities of people who share interests and activities. Locating these communities and building relationships and brand awareness with your target market can result in tremendous growth.

Social networks really began to gain traction in the spring of 2007; now memberships are in the billions. People are having interactive conversations online in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. There are also social networking and photo or video sharing places like You Tube, Google Plus, and Vimeo. There’s iTunes for music, and Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram to share your photos, likes, and experiences visually. Though social media is still growing exponentially, it does not work for everyone, because not everyone’s target customers use social media.

Social Media Strategy and Tactics

Social media includes distributed content across multiple social media networks.  This includes writing unique, targeted and engaging content that links to your website, so when people search online, there’s a better chance of finding you.

Social media marketing requires a social media strategy with specific tactics for getting involved and having two way conversations with target audiences. The goal here is to create pages that provide links back to your website, for inbound traffic and links. We want these pages to rank well in the search engines under your key words and phrases, and at the same time build traffic on the social media sites to grow your brand and attract attention.

MarCom handles everything, from the simple posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to more complex tasks like conceiving SM campaigns, blog writing, and shooting and producing video shorts.  We also conduct creative viral email campaigns. All of these strategies will go a long way towards branding your company’s good name.

We offer many ways to market to your target audiences in the places where they hang out and engage with others.

We manage all of your social media online including:

  • Ghostwriting and managing blogs
  • Forum posting in niche communities
  • Social media strategies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus
  • Viral campaigns
  • Video shorts for You Tube and Vimeo
  • Content writing
  • Articles
  • Electronic press releases
  • e-newsletters and email campaigns
  • White papers
  • Infographics, and more


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