User Interface (UIX) Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization of existing traffic can increase leadsIn the online world there are two ways to grow your number of leads for sales.

  1. Getting more targeted visitors to your website (SEO, PPC, PR, email, newsletter, etc.)
  2. Convert more of your current targeted visitors (existing traffic)
  3. Conversion optimization of existing traffic can increase leads by 20% to 100% in most cases.

EXAMPLE:  Let’s say you are currently selling 100 units a month.  Increasing conversions 33% means an additional 33 sales a month!

Doing it the hard way by increasing the number of visitors to your website can be time consuming and expensive.  Assuming a 5% conversion rate, to sell 100 units would require 2,000 visitors.  To increase sales to 133 units would require 2,660 visitors.  The cost for these additional 660 visitors will be somewhere between $5 to $40 each, or roughly $3,300-$25,000 a month.  Improving the conversion rates will cost a fraction of that.

If you’re converting 5% or less, then you need MarCom New Media. Here is what we will do:

  1. Month One: Establish your goals.  Setup goals in Google Analytics and observe for 30 days.
  2. Month Two: Make tweaks on website: Offer language, button size and placement, form length, etc.
  3. Months Three And Four: Test, evaluate and tweak.
  4. Month Five: Final round of adjustments
  5. Month Six:  If goals not met by end of month five, we will include an additional month of services for free.

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